what type of girls do you like?

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what type of girls do you like for example  short,hair long hair or emo girls.


Name them and post a picture of that type of girl if you want too.

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Physically: Couldent care less, but I suppose cute and pretty would be good descriptions.

Personality: Sense of humor, someone who is just as fun to go out on a romantic date as to go karts.

The girl Im currently involved with is all that and more.

apperance wise, i like girls with red hair and wonderfull smiles, personality wise, i like girls who know how to have fun and who like some of the same things i do

looks- curvy

personality- FUNNY

personal fortune- very fucking high

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I really cant resist this...
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Right... seriously. Google "Girls Aloud"
that should give you some idea

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For me, I love sweet cute women, one that is loving and sweet, she shouldn't be a pushover but also shouldn't be evil or bitchy. A girl that's comfortable being innocent and sweet and won't let anything change her. Just like my sweet GF.

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Whoever strikes a chord with me at the time. And thus said girls vary greatly.

many types of women

Female sony fanboys.