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Wow Kwaad I agree with you about Final Fantasy (well exept 10, which I liked, since it was the first FF I passed... Nostalgia do bias people). FF9 is absolutely my favorite on the PSX, FF7 was okay I guess but I don't see what's so awesome about it, FF8 is BAD, FF6 is a master piece and I haven't passed 4 I'm waiting for the DS remake.

-Sorry I didn't notice the thread was revived by a spammer.-

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So you think you are something aren't you, kwaad?

see i love 10 just for the grid, and 8 has a spot on my list just b/c gun blade--it ='d you having to actually paying attention to what was happening in battle


i almost thought kwaad was back. Boy do i miss his fanboyisms.

So Kwaad isn't back??!

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