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New member here,

I must say Microsoft is doing the right and smart thing by letting customers to decide what sytem is right for them. During the xbox era, microsoft have learned that the most expensive, most powerful and extras in every system like the Harddrive doesn't really matter when what really matters are great games, variety, marketing, and affordability. Xbox was a mild success for Microsoft's first gaming effort but nobody in their right mind gave them any chance whatsoever of overtaking Sony and their powerful PS brand, regardless of their head start or lower price point. It was really David vs Goliath of the gaming world. They killed off the original xbox early to test the water with the 360. People were crying about not having a harddrive in every system and 2, 3 sku were a bad idea. In just 3 short years, the 360 already surpasses the original xbox in lifetime sales and is beating the crap out of the PS3 in sales ATM. I think Hardcore, Casual, family, price conservative gamers should all be happy and thankful that Microsoft gives them this option to fit their budget to enjoy tru HD next generation gaming without shoving expensive extras down their throats. Hate them or like them, I got to give it up to Microsoft.  I just bought 2 Arcade Units over Black friday weekend for two of my cousins and their families and they should be happy. Hey, $400.00 is better than $800.00 right?

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they will eventually need a hardrive.

Cool, you're going to be popular this Xmas (Xbox + Christmas) u_u


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The major reason XBOX division was founded, imo was the company's lack of fanbase and bad fame. Microsoft is succeeding on this purpose and the companys profile had risen the last few years...

Well said. The first Xbox was a huge mistake because it was expensive and didn't give any form of choice. I've been saying this forever. This gen is going very well for MS for learning from their mistakes last gen.

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Can somebody ban this viral marketing stooge for that or do we need a few more posts to close the file on this one?

Its funny, a couple of months ago and the first few posts he would have been jumped all over. I guess some groups are lacking a bit of confidence at the moment.


or one can argue that microsoft stripped the console of extras so that when the person realizes that they need something else they are forced to buy it at a higher price.

Proof - recharge controller kit. Is MS giving the consumer a choice? Sure they are but what is the options here? Either buy batteries everytime the controller dies or get the MS recharge kit.... hm...

I'll be very surprised if this guy posts anything else in another topic.

If you do, separate sentences into more paragraphs, that block of text may be good for school papers but not forums posts.

I'll just say, giving customers choices is a good business plan, yes. A plan many businesses follow.

I am not going to hide the fact that I like the 360 more than the PS3. I have a PS3 and think it is great. I am just posting why Microsoft gaming strategy in this generation is better than Sony.

I like comments but please let me post a few more theads and make a few more post comments before calling me out like that.