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DAMN! The download of VC games is DAMN F'CKIN' SLOWWWW!!! At least they SHOULD made possible to boot games from SD cards. Then an HD isn't that necessary.

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Better SD card support is much more likely than hdisk support.

Nintendo aren't as keen to push the Wii as a "media" device (streaming TV, movies, etc..) as MS or Sony are. Next console maybe. Although if there is lots of "free" (non-protected content), they may change their mind - as there is no security threat.


I think a Microphone/WiiPhone is much more likely (and under the radar). Still think the Wii would make for a great VoIP phone / device, and it would have "killer app" written all over it. 

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Nintendo won't be announcing any Wii-branded harddrives.

Rather, they'll be announcing better expanded storage support.

Meaning: better SD card support, new options for USB flash-drive support, new options for attaching your OWN external harddrives (just not Wii-branded).


RolStoppable said:
z64dan said:
Not gonna happen. And once you chill out, you realize OH MY GOD RE-DOWNLOADING GAMES ISNT THAT HARD!

Hey, NES games take close to 10 seconds to download!

5 minutes here. Almost 1 hour for an N64 game.

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I agree with the majority, it's doubtful.

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I have heard that the Wii could play DVDs but didn't want to pay the liscensing fees. Does that make sense? Anyway, I have heard there is a chip you can get that will allow the playing of DVDs. Alot of trouble for something that should have come standard.

Right, they would have to license the use of the DVD format. And since DVD has like 99% penetration already who needs another one.

Yeah there is no reason for them to pay for DVD licensing. It will just cut profits. No one is gonna buy a Wii as a DVD player when you can get one for 20 bucks at walmart.

It would be nice to have a "DVD Channel" for about 5 dollars. I think I would buy it just to eliminate an electronic gadget from my room and free an input of my TV.

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RolStoppable said:

No hard drive.

Neo Geo games aren't that big either, some N64 games have similar capacity, so that point is moot. Nintendo will probably try to get better compression rates for these games and WiiWare titles instead of announcing and offering a hard drive. 

Yes and no... the biggest Neo Geo games are still two times the size of the biggest N64 games.  My assumptioni s that they will make it so you can play games off of SD cards and be done with it.  They don't want to make a HDD, and they probably don't think that gamers even want one much like they though gamers didn't want online last generation.

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