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Gimme your best drink.

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drink up me hearties yo ho

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Wow this place is barren. Lets get it rockin'. *plays Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith*

O-D-C, its been a long day.....pass me something good and non-alcoholic....if there is such a thing....

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beer and an icecream please!! no wait... 2 Beers and an icecream.. one is for my banned fellow countrymen Kirby007..

Kirb.. if you are reading this.. this Beer is waiting for you!


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the bar is back open!!

Drinks on the house

off topic:

see, people bash Home, but imagine actually doing something like this in Home, you know, a private chatroom with a bar as the "background", with music playing from a jukebox, that people can change. You could be able to edit the layout of the bar, and make it so that only us Vg Charts members could come in. You could have people playing pool and having conversations or playing mini-arcade games or sit down on a bean-bag and go into actual multiplayer games (e.g motorstorm, resistance) and have conversations.

so just think about it, if you like this thread, you're bound to like Home

sorry bout that off topic ODC. It's just that I had a light-bulb moment.

hey thats what the bar is for.

now what can I get ya?

thanks for the quick response, I'll just have a root beer float