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Does anyone else have a problem with the Dell ad that has been running on the site recently? It plays a horrible, loud tone every time it loads up. It needs to go!


Edit: Yes I know about Adblock, but I don't use it for various reasons.

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agree. its VERY annoying

Yeah. Horrible ad.

Tell me about, I really think they went too far on this one.

I never visit this site with audio turned on.

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TheRealMafoo said:
I never visit this site with audio turned on.


 Same here. I usually have music on anyway

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you get ads

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Can't stand it, happens 90% of the time when I open a thread in VG Chartz (AVGN)-> WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!

i never have any ads with FF3, must be an american thing

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Using FF3 too and no dell ads. IE thingy?

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