would you pay to come to VGChartz?

Forums - General Discussion - would you pay to come to VGChartz?

We already pay, in hits (ads).

That translates to money.

So the answer, obviously, is yes, and we do.

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no, never, why would you make us pay, did MS buy you?

Why? Why did you even bring this up? Don't go giving ioi any ideas. Curse you highwaystar101

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DAM YOUR HAWK, you beat me to it.

I might but prob not

uh, no. I love this site and all, but I just am not going to pay for the ability to talk about something I like

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Cant we pay in VG$? Otherwise no

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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If this becomes real buddy, you´re becoming no 1 on my hitlist so you better start praying.

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