would you pay to come to VGChartz?

Forums - General Discussion - would you pay to come to VGChartz?

Would you become a member if you had to pay a monthly subscription?

If so how much would you pay?

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I'd pay 5 VG$.

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Huh?? Aren't we paying already??? the pain!!! of dealing & reading fanboys going crrrraaaaazzzyy!!!!


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I'd drop it like a hot potato if I had to pay a subscription fee to read forums full of fanboys beating each other over the head with "my console rules and yours sux" all the time.


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      Hell no..

      sorry guys but I'll have to go with the crowd on this one. Plenty of fantastic free communities, there's no point paying for this one.

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      Pay? You mean cash?

      IF SO!

      Thanks for the offer but I'd rather post on other forums.