Why do you have an Xbox360?

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Why do you?

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It's where all the games I want to play are at. That's really all there is to it.

I have Xbox 360 because I really like the Halo 3 Edition, I like the Xbox's games, and I wanted to have all the current gen's gaming consoles.

Games... Games... Games...

Why else would you get a 360?

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Because I ran out of toilet paper

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Bobo012893 said:
Because I ran out of toilet paper


And still I'm looking at your animation in your sig...  I wonder...


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There were a few games I was interested in, and I thought it would be nice to have one. Right now the only thing keeping me from selling it is the Jrpgs.

It was cheap, and there are a decent number of games that I want for it

Has the most games of any system out this gen. Some of the exclusives are worth it like Dead Rising, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Halo 3, Mass Effect. Also, XBox Live arcade has plenty of downloadable games and content.

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It has the games I want the most, and I was interested in Xbox Live and Xbox Live Arcade.