Why will final fantasy XIII multiplatform make people sell their PS3's?

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Well this is what we get when Company tries to deny it.

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azrm2k said:

It all comes down to preferences and if somebody's preferences were of the RPG persuasion and they were hyped especially for FF13 this may make the 360 more appealing since its' RPG lineup is bigger.

You just hit the nail on the head.  I said on the playstation forums that unless Sony shows something impressive tomorrow I'll consider selling my PS3 for exactly the reason you stated.  So far the only RPG that we've gotten that you can't get elsewhere is Folklore and it's nothing spectacular.  Having said that, MOST of my consideration for selling my PS3 is just sheer anger at Sony and it'll probably fade.  Valkryia Chronicles & Disgaea 3 give me some reason to pause as far as RPGs at least.


Because you're not real gamers. You just play what's popular or in style. When trying to prove console superiority you throw out names of "approved" games, mostly boring sequels, without nary an analytical thought process in sight. You think popularity equals quality, based on some naive assumption that the majority of consumers have some refined powers of discernment, of course reality has proven that wrong time and time again.

Well, the arguments of a lot of sony fans was that FF > all rpg's on the 360. Now that the 360 has all those rpg's plus ff that argument is now null and void.

because without ffxiii all or most of sony's exclusive games have xbox360 equivalent games

killzone - halo
gt - forza
lbp - banjo what the hell
etc etc etc

plus as of now the xbox360 game line up is better than the ps3s and the only reason why ps3 game line up will match the x360s are the future game releases. but with ffxiii going multiplat, they have lost the advantage.

from here on, i expect to see xbox360s selling better than the ps3.

fuck you sony!!!

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I bought my PS3 for FFXIII, not going to sell it.

Although I would love to see how Sony would let SE to go Multi. or what Sony (or not do) did to prevent it.

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Its just meaningless blather. People are latching onto that item from the MS conference because, frankly, it was the only thing of interest. Its not really as big a deal as some would have you believe, I'm thinking.

The same will happen after the Nintendo and Sony conferences, except different people will latch onto different things and claim "ultimate victory", or whatever, for their favorite console.

I personally think Microsoft's conference was terrible -- one of the least appealing I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of them. I hope Nintendo and Sony do a better job.

Its just a massive overreaction based on emotional 'distress'. There is no reason for anyone to sell their PS3, just because a PS3 title is coming to the 360. Silly.

No one should "buy a console for a game" (that hasn't been released yet). If you want a PS3 - get one. If you want a 360 - get one. Its pretty simple.

"Wanting" a PS3 based on a theory that some game that will come out in 2-3 (4?) years time might/should be exclusive ... isn't sound thinking.

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Because they realize the 360 is where they are going to get their JRPG fix.

People that buy a console for a game that isn't going to be released in a few years are stupid, price drops, free game bundles, slimlines, bigger HD and console sales are a few reason.

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the only way i would get ff13 was it was a xbox360 exclusive.
there, i still would buy a ps3 or a wii again to play ff13