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Just to note: I own all 3 systems. I play & enjoy them all.

This is simply a quick question after I saw the news about a possible PS3 price chop come Christmas time.

For those that don't have a PS3 and want one:

Would you buy a PS3 at $500? Would you buy it at $400?

For those that do have one:

Would you feel cheated if they drop the price by $100? by $200?

I'll answer the second part. I would be okay with your standard run of the mill price drop of $100. But if they dropped the system by more, I would honestly be upset. The problem is two-fold. They won't sell anymore systems if people know there is going to be a price drop. Also, for those that already own it, if they drop the price too much, there may be some disgruntled consumers out there like myself.

 Just a thought that has probably been mentioned a million times before. 

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This fall season of games combined with a price drop will make it more enticing. But, I probably won't pick up a PS3 until it is 399 or less. I always thought to myself, after hearing the PS3's price announced, that it wouldn't be a great system until 2008.

I'll buy one when it is $400 and there are at least five games I want to play. That probably won't happen until holiday 2008.

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I have one, I wouldn't feel cheated because they gotta do what they gotta do. It's a hard knock life lol

Why would you feel crappy about it? Early adopters always pay the most and get the least it's a rule of consoles :)

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I have one,and I wouldn´t feel cheated,I´m fully aware that´s the price one pays for being an eraly adopter.

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In order for me to want to buy a console, I generally have to have enough games to equal he price. I don't necessarily buy all those games, I just like having the choice in case some of the games I buy don't turn out as good as I hoped.

In the case of the PS3 with its current price, I would need 10 games out (not coming out) that I would want to buy. $60 a game for a $600 console means 10 games.

If the console was $500, I would need 8-9 games, more than likely 9 since I generally round up unless one of the games I absolutely have to have. If it were to be dropped down to $400 (which I don't see happening anytime soon, but that's for another thread) I would need 6-7 games.

At the moment, the PS3 has no games I want for it (the ones I would want can be found on other systems). If SE can convince me that FFXIII is going to be good I would add that to my list of games I want for the PS3 and I'm interested in White Knight Story, Lair, and Heavenly Sword, but other than that there's not much I'm interested in.

A 360 is way ahead on my shopping list than a PS3 is. I already have WAY too many games to play (DS & Wii) - so I actually have no interest in buying MORE games (for a platform I don't own!) at the moment. And with plenty of DS/Wii games coming out this year (probably another 10! I will buy in the 7 months - maybe even 15...), I just don't care.

The price would have to drop to around $150AU ($99US) for me to consider either a 360 or PS3 at the moment.

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388 was a bitter pill to swallow on the xbox 360 and that was knowing there are a ton of games I want to play right now.  I'm only on standard def so the blueray means absolutely zero to me.  It comes down to price and games.  That said, I don't think I'd be ready to buy a ps3 until the price drops to about $350 or so and there are at least a dozen or more games I absolutely want.  I'll probably just get a Wii and wait a couple of years on the PS3 price to come down and the next gen DVD battle to be pretty much over.

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You people waiting for a PS3 cut below $400 or waiting some pretty unrealistic goals (or at least anytime soon at all). The cheapest the PS3 is going to be anytime soon it's going to be $400 and even that's fairly unlikely.

I'm guessing when the price cut does happen, it's going to be sudden (no more than 2 weeks notice) and it's going to be in the range of $450-500. $600 is far too much to ask to pay for a console but at least the $450-500 range is starting to get at least a little more reasonable. With a few trade ins it's almost a decent price.

they can drop it by $200 i don't care, iv enjoyed it from day 1.