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They still believe the earlier prediction by Billy Pidgeon and even add a new chart.



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that looks good for the 360...not!

so the 360 is expected to die around 40 million, both the PS3 and Wii will pass 100 million, but Sony will win out in the end but barely.

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According to their graph they expect PS3 sales to keep accelerating until 2011 finally starting to peak out by 2012? lol. A little optimistic if you ask me. They would have to sell triple what they did in 06-end of 08 combined to meet there 2009 prediction, i don't see that happening.

So,they´re expecting the PS3 to REALLY take off next year.

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As has been stated before on the topic nobody can expect CNET to back the Wii. It goes against everything the site is about. CNET is about new cutting edge technology while the Wii is taking a different approach by not following the standard approach of beefing up the visuals and instead focusing on interaction with different input schemes.

It's seems they just want the PS3 to win rather than making any objective analysis.

I mean just wow...at the PS3, and this doesn't even include Sony's ten year plan.

wow, what data did they use to make those predictions?

I know the PS3 has been doing better, but this steep climb for it after this year has no justification in the article. It seems to be just because it's a Playstation, and not based on how well this system is actually doing.

Or it could be more wishful thinking against the Wii, hoping it's going to somehow pater out, instead of climbing as it has.

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