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Foshoryuken said:
ctk495 said:

Are you serious carlos this must be a joke this site is unbias, plus if they would be bias to any console(which they are not)they tend to like nintendo more, Thesource wears a wii t-shirt plus a lot of people claim that DKII is a nintedo fanboy that bans everybody that talks bad about the wii.How can you say that this site is bias in favor of sony to you have any prove to backup what you are saying.

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He's talking about a particular mod. ^

 Actually, he's saying that the entire site goes by that definition, which is completely false. In fact, his post is the first online I've ever read with that particular angle. It is well known and established both in here and outside our ranks that the majority of our users are in fact Wii owners or Wii fans, a fact which has been discussed to boredom on the forums. I think there are two mods or some such that are somwhat eager with the PS3, while most have nothing against or anything for it and a few seem to almost loathe it.

carlos likes to whine about Sony products, how bad they are, how childish anyone who likes them are and generally all related subjects. Check the posts history if you must, but his claims are absurd and entirely in keeping with his well known ways...

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This thread got really boring real quick. ;_;

Lame thread is lame.

This thread is starting to get out of control users are complaining too much,in my opinion the mods here are fine they are not too harsh.Leo j is an example on how mods gives chances to users to get better he got a lot of opportunities, it's his fault for wasting them.

well i guess the recent aggressiveness is needed to keep he users under control- just don't take it too far

MontanaHatchet said:
Way too harsh?

Carlos is a constant troll, and criticizing the website for being biased now?

But then again, your opinion isn't the best anyways,

 Wasn't it obvious that I was talking about his comment and not about his behaviour on this forum?

And you yourself called this site biased but that was ofcourse before you were a mod =p.

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twesterm said:
This thread got really boring real quick. ;_;

Lame thread is lame.

Who cares what you think?

You're a mod! 



Oh yeah? Well here let me make it interesting again.

LOL, Jokes.

ill never forget the time when i almost got banned and got warned multiple times for making a thread called.. "I think haze is ps3 exclusive" and everyone in the thread started flaming but i got warned? pshh

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Rath said:
naznatips said:
carlos710 said:
MontanaHatchet said:
Carlos, you are being really annoying.

One more Sony bias comment and you're banned for 3 days.

See kids, we do our jobs sometimes.

See ? =))

I would like to see how i broke any site rule... some people are saying that this site is Wii biased = no problem.

Someone says that this site is Sony biased = "omg i'm so going to ban you!"


If it makes you feel better you can ban me now =)) i know that i didn't do anything bad so i will feel good with myself regardless of what you do.


6. Website criticism. Just as with platform criticism, do not attack the website with out basis. Reasonable debate based on facts are acceptable, but repeated attacks and negative comments about the website will not be tolerated. People are here to discuss sales numbers, and doing nothing but attacking the site is disruptive to those who are trying to participate in a sales discussion.

Hah, what a burn.

 What the hell?

Saying other site calls us Sony biased is bashing the site? So please get someone to ban ioi for posting that thread about neogaf bashing us... Because neogaf said plenty bad things about us but pointing it out is bannable now, isn't it?


Mods are looking for excuses to ban and abusing the power lately, that's my opinion...

Last ban reason i checked didn't even had the thread number anymore... 

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naznatips said:
kenzomatic said:

I think you missunderstood my point, I'm not talking about pleasing 1 or 2 members. I'm talking about the community in general. Public Opinion does matter. Its why this site makes money. The rules are in place for many reason most notably so that it is a safe community where people feel welcome to come. I'm not talking about everyone voting weezy in or something like that. I'm talking about the fact your duties exist for two reasons to keep things up to ioi's standard and to serve the community. You are part of the big picture which invloves bringing more people to the site by keeping it clean. In that way you are public relation and the over all communities thoughts do matter.

Public opinion can also be wrong lol.  This is often the case with the "group mentality" that people enter on the internet.  Sometimes you have to go against the grain to sand things down to smooth again.  Obviously we want people to be happy, but at the same time the majority opinion's happiness shouldn't be at the expense of the minority.  Our job is to champion good behavior, regardless of whether it's in the majority or minority opinion because the future of the site depends on healthy and intelligent discussion for fans of all platforms, majority and minority.  

 Exactly if you let the site have it's weezy's and leo-j's the discussion goes down the tubes and becomes one fanboy vs another or some guy attacking another poster for having opinions, if you let this happen no matter how popular the user it makes the site not very safe for new posters.  When I came in I got attacked by a few Sony fans just for having my opinions and wanted to discuss it like a mature person, but having such hostile users makes new posters not want to come.  Then after so many people become popular for being a troll or a basher just because they're funny the threads and discussions will turn to crap holes much like the threads on a few other gaming sites.  If a user is banned they deserved it, the only thing that everyone else deserves is a reason why the user was banned, which most mods use the description to give the thread and reaso they were banned so everyone has proof, the motion I would say is to make that a standard for all bans so there will be no one more threads like this bashing mods for doing their job.

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