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I wonder if the 360 owners can still unlock achievements by using cheats in GTA IV?

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Would you believe that I could not find this image on the internet?  I had to rip a screenshot from a video walkthrough...

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skip said:
I don't understand your ammo problem as each cop you kill drops a couple of clips worth of ammo for the particular gun they were using, and it only takes one bullet to the head to kill them. using autoaim it takes only a couple of rounds providing they are not wearing armor.

Its not very easy to take out 4swat guys with M4's and two cops with shotguns and make it to the ammo without being run down by some cop.  Plus you have a heli over head shotting at you.

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Griffin said:
I was expecting the game to be more like the GTA games i have played for the past 10years. Instead they have taken the fun factor out of walking around and killing stuff, this is why the GTA:SA sold 21.5mil copies. The cover system is also useless, i have spent 10mins in cover since i bought the game out of over 50 hours. It adds nothing to the game.
 Welp, I believed you until I read that. I believe you are either trolling, overstating your distain, or having actually played the game, because if you don't use cover, I don't see how some of the missions are possible.


That said, you can find my full review of GTAIV here:




That is my opinion of the game. I can sum it up:


I'm a Wii-Fanboy and I give the game a 9.5 out of 10, which is Resident Evil 4 quality. 

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Cover is not useless. It's very helpful in some of the later missions.

Have you been playing the story missions/multiplayer or have you just been running around killing stuff the whole time?