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Bonafide732 said:
360 still has software though

Which the PS3 software is gradually about to release in the coming months :D

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DMeisterJ said:
Viper1 said:
Not remotely.

The PS3 had more audience to sell to since GTA is historically a PS product. The same situation came about with DMC4.

Now when standard week to week software for X360 drops below PS3 levels, then we can say the X360 has a problem.

Well, that's already been the case for some time now (See NPD). Well, actually, PS3 > 360 for two months, a virtual tie last month (360 ahead), and if these numbers are true, expect another PS3 > 360 month for NPD.

ANd it's been losing WW since December.

 But he said software, my dear boy.



No but I can't really see any way it could reasonably be expected to not come last this generation. Coming last does not however mean it cannot be considered a success.


360's last stand, software.

What's next? Revenue? LULZ

DMeisterJ said:

360's last stand, software.

What's next? Revenue? LULZ

Let me get this straight.


X360 - 2.317 million

PS3 - 1.386 million



X360 - 119,345

PS3 - 145,196


And you think the X360 is at the beginning of the end?



The rEVOLution is not being televised

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Hey DMJ...too bad you didn't buy the PS3 version :oP

with Starcraft banned and gebx ran away. Let me be the temp Xbox fanboy.

What I see is a major failure for Xbox to capitalize on a great game... Where's the ad for "exclusive content"??? You throw 50 million dollars into this without letting people know? That to me is the dumbest thing Microsoft ever did, including RRoD.

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super_etecoon said:
Hey DMJ...too bad you didn't buy the PS3 version :oP


@ Viper

You don't get the point.

This was supposed to be a huge feather in the hat of 360. Getting PS3's game, and the Exclusive Episodic Content, and it didn't push ahead of the PS3, hardware-wise. Is this the last game that could have pushed them ahead of the PS3 hardware-wise? Or is it a slow death from here on out?

@ etecoon


the beginning of the end of the 360 already began with blu-rays defeat of hd dvd. GTA just made it painfully obvious to the 360 crowd that they will finish in 3rd this generation.

blu-ray made the value of a ps3 go up so high that the 360s edge in software really didn't matter. think about it this way, if you are a gamer and you kind of like movies (like most people) and you are going to pick up a console, what are you going to choose. 360 which for a temporary better software lineup, or a PS3 which has the better upcoming software in many people's opinion, plus you basically get a free blu-ray player. on top of the fact PS3 is perceived by many to be the superiour console graphically and reliablity.