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Depnding how many bundles were sent to EU I would not be surprised if the ps3 did 150 in others. 360 will be 115k and wii is anybodies guess.




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by the way, the GTA4 PS3 bundle sold really well.

So, anyone still think it was a mistake to release Mario Kart Wii this week? I am in shock over this turn of events. It outsolde the other two combined the week of GTA4. I am fairly convinced that there is no turning it around for either console in America.

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Holy Molley WTF - What's pushing the Wii sales - Wii Fit and MK? Good god I hope we never see this again. It's scarey :P Oh well I hope people get healthy. Too bad so sad for the 360. Maybe next gen :P Cant wait to see ps3 ww sales - if EU has done better. GTA4 F*#k'n Rules :D

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Wow, wii is selling like crack.

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Well numbers are always subject to change, but...

Holy crap at Wii!
Good numbers for PS3 and 360, the PS3 could be looking at 300k this week.

Also it looks like all the excitement spilled over to other systems, PSP saw a nice boost.  DS and PS2 were up slightly as well.

And with that, the Wii passes 25 million! Grats Nintendo!

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Let's see... assuming similar boosts in Europe, the PS3 should be around 300k for the week, and the 360 around 250k. That's slightly higher than I expected, but well within the expected range. I'll wait for the rest of the numbers before commenting further. I did say that much of the community was overestimating the hardware boost for PS3/360.

Nothing really needs to be said about Wii sales, which continue to exceed expectations.

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wii sales are amazing not even the big bad gta lV could stop it lol

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dude17761991hatp said:
The Wii is destructor!

HELLS YAH! All year long. All...YEAR...LONG!!!!

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