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hey guys I was reading this article ,,



and it says that PS3 is the only version to have split screen.(in PS3 benefit parts)


this is the third post that I read that mwntions split screen only on PS3,,,I start to think that there might be somr truth to it.



If it's true, I wonder why no one is mentioning it much?to me it's a big deal as I wanna play with my brother.


If PS3 version of a game didn't have Split screen in a multiplat game ,,,they would mention it millions of times and give it much lower score.

 so tell me what you think?




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So it turns out the PS3 has the complete version of GTA4...

Ok if it was true, so why are we are hearing about it now, no major review sites have told us. How will framerate be effected by it also.

I think it depends where they got the info from. If they are just saying there's split screen in the PS3 version because they read that review on gamerevolver.com then it really doesn't prove much.

If it is true, it may be indicative of the difference between the PS3 and 360 showing itself.


Do you want potential downloadable content that may or may not be ok or play splitscreen now? Just the poor quality of the 360 hardware alone convinced me of what version to get, but having spitscreen will soften the pain of no extra dlc completely. What is for sure is that Sixaxis is supported and 1080P


Edit: the poll on the bottom currently stands:

360 version,  372 people

PS3 version:  900 people

Both:             19 people

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Don't wish ill on your fellow gamer Gazz. It makes you seem biased and fanboyish.


As far as I know this is bogus. The reviews and articles I have been seeing say that there is not local multiplayer, of course all of those were talking about the 360.

Torillian,,,I agree with you,,it depends on where they got the info.

But also remeber we haven't seen any 3rd party reviewers to review this game(only PS3 magazine and xbox360 magazine)

but I still don't believe it before I see it in IGN review




its in ps3 capabilities. so why not? i dont remember m$ buying split screen. maybe sony did bought it together to some other "secret" stuff we dont know about

I like technology when its moving forward..

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I doubt it is true ...

Even the slighty difference between the version (according to IGN) will be non-event

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