Witcher 3 and all expansions will be on the card out of the box!

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I don't plan on getting this game, but this is good news for anyone who wants the Switch version. :)

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With all that, sounds like it may be the most ambitious Switch port yet. Will be very interesting to see Digital Foundry's analysis.

And about what 'can and can't run on Switch', essentially anything can run on Switch.
It's a matter of:

1.) Amount of work needed to achieve what they consider acceptable results.
2.) Where they draw the line when it comes to what is and isn't an acceptable representation of their work.

This may vary from company to company, and/or depending on the type of game.
But if games like this turn out well, and sell well, then it may inspire more similar ambitious projects in the future.

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I would like them to port the Gwent game to Switch.

Very nice, glad for NS users, and I wish this one and every other Witcher 3 version a success so overwhelming to teach other publishers a thing or two about user-friendliness.

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curl-6 said:
EricFabian said:


That says it's 32GB, but not that it's all on the cartridge.


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100% official now

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is 32 gb card really 32 gb or like 29.9 gb (same as SD cards) ?
Hopefully there won't be day 1 patch to ruin all this xD