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My favorite Final Fantasy game. This will be a good excuse to replay it.
Character models in combat look really nice. Squall looks like his Dissidia version.

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Wasn’t the biggest fan of it when it came out, but I would like to revisit it. It will definitely be better than that unholy abomination that is the ffvii remake...

Not since the days of the original Playstation has there been a definitive generation to own a bunch of Final Fantasy games. Definite day one for me.

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I honestly don't see many advantages over the PC 2013/2014 HD variant? Especially once loaded with mods... Would have been amazing if it was a remake.
Still my favorite game in the franchise though! Day 1 purchase.

Mmm ... mechanically it doesn't change that it's one of the most easily broken battle system in the whole series.

Btw, wasn't the reason they couldn't do a remaster to begin with orignally because they lost the source code ? How did they retrieve it ?

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The best ff is getting a remaster. Lets hope it has the same route as ff 7. First a remaster then a remake.

If they ever remaster FFVIII they need to do some big tweaks in the gameplay, anything else would be pointless.

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Getting for sure

One of the best games in the world, I encourage everyone to give it a try. And even if you already have, then like me you will probably beat it again.

vivster said:
If they ever remaster FFVIII they need to do some big tweaks in the gameplay, anything else would be pointless.

Yes. We rarely got to use magic in FF8 because you couldn't use them. Magic was reserved for stats and keeping them was precious. The battle system was pretty much spamming summons until the end. There were some very nice Guardian Force animations though.

My memories of FF8 magic are only thanks to the final bosses because she would murder your GFs and force you to say: "Fuck it, I need to spend these spells because I got nothing else, it's the end of the game anyways so screw it."

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