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Predict the score!

95+ 3 3.26%
90 to 94 3 3.26%
85 to 89 22 23.91%
80 to 84 25 27.17%
75 to 79 14 15.22%
70 to 74 21 22.83%
65 to 69 3 3.26%
65 or lower 1 1.09%

Going with 76. It doesn't look to reinvent the wheel, but I think the horde will be praised.

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I want to be optimistic, and say a 85-90 score.

Even if it is a good game critics won't go easy on that one.

I think these aggregate scores across the board are usually too high already. It's like people forgot what the number 5 or 6 mean.

Anyways, I voted 85-89. I could see 84 minimum.

I want to believe in reviewers' integrity so I say 75.

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I can't see a score higher than 85, it just seems so generic in many ways.

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I say 88-90.

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Going with 75-80.

vivster said:
I want to believe in reviewers' integrity so I say 75.

You reminded me why this will be easy to an 80-85. 


I’m guessing 80-82, which would be a great score for DG. Any higher would be welcome. Really hope it doesn’t go lower. Sony seems confident with all their marketing, so I suspect that indicates they know they have (at least) a decent game.