Happy 20th Birthday Final Fantasy VIII

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The first time I was disappointed by a Final Fantasy game. But not the last.

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One of my favorite FF games.

Heard we wont see much of FF8 due to licencing issues? Well whatever the reason may be I hope we'll get a full blown remake.

First FF game I played and my 2nd favorite FF game. Such fond memories.

Farsala said:
BraLoD said:
May FF8 forever remind BraLoD that his tastes are horrible!


I even gave you a free pass because you love Digimon...


While FF8 is not a bad game, its definitely one of the worse of the franchise. THE worse since it moved to PlayStation, in fact.

happy birthday, one of my favorites ff, liked the junction system

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First half of the game is awesome,second half...not so much, weird but good game

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Xxain said:
Happy Birthday FF8

My favorite trait: FF8 is unique in the series for having no reolors of enemies! Because of the level system, they just up the enemies level and that would increase stats and give new skills (like Pokemon). FF8 is my favorite in regards to monster design, or at least in the top 3.

Another thing I like about the enemies is, like Pokemon, they all have some flavour text if you scan them. It would be nice if that was added to information section of the menu though. They also all have their own call at the start of battle, like Pokemon again but its a nice touch all the same.