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Will you be getting Anthem?

Yes 6 6.90%
Maybe 14 16.09%
No 63 72.41%
What's Anthem? 4 4.60%

Maybe, i did like the demo/beta but i'm deep on backlog so, if i find the time and the game at a cheap price later on i might bite. i don't have many issues with EA so this is a possibility.

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It's an online-only game, so no.

No, for the following reasons:

1. Not interested in that kind of games
2. Online only
3-infinty: It's from fucking EA


As for the reason, I'll go a bit further than just my usual distaste towards EA. I'll be frank, since the announcement, this game looked like the project that meticulously made to cater to all possible trends from recent years in the industry ( Basically a big open-world coupled with shooter based "RPG"-ish elements and tack-on online multiplayer to justify the adding of microtransactions into the product).
I sense the average-ness coming from this game, a game that won't have much identity on it's own since it was construct *solely* as a product of current trends.

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Muffin31190 said:

In short I really do not know if I will be getting Anthem, I feel as though if the game would be delayed I would have more faith in it actually being a Great game so that it can be polished and given the proper time and development. I will be waiting to here from Legit reviewers and word of mouth.
With all this said this is just My opinion but I would like to hear yours.

Anthems problem is that both the world and enemies are just bland and boring to explore/ fight against. The actual gameplay mechanics are pretty solid, especially movement.

I dunno, maybe the final game is was better but the demo itself put me off.

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I play games to get away from the world. So playing online with a bunch of kids who've all slept with my mother doesn't appeal to me....

No, not my cup of tea.

No. Game is really boring.

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Of course not. There’s an E and an A on that box.

I'll wait for reviews and general consensus of the game 2-3 weeks after release.
But until then: It's gonna be a No from me dawg