Capcom plans to release "2 major titles" by march 19

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Devil may cry 5. Hopefully revealed at e3

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Kerotan said:
Devil may cry 5. Hopefully revealed at e3

one thing is sure, one game capcom will show at e3, like last year they did with monster hunter, the question is only what game it will be...

I hope one is RE Remake 2.

Maybe its the MH game coming to the Switch which was rumored with MH World?

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I really hope it's Resident Evil 2 Remake.
And DMC5 would be nice to see as well.

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I really want it to be a new Dino Crisis and Onimusha!!!!!!!

They can use the work they did with Monster Hunter for Dino Crisis if it'll help make it happen lol

It's just too obvious that DMC V is coming + I expect the Monster Hunter World expansion to come out too.

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As a few have said, hopefully DMC5 or another reboot. I know DMC: Devil may cry 2 isn't coming but I still have a small amount of hope. Perhaps they can get the same team on the next one cause that game was the pinnacle of old school H&S, people often say Bayonetta but I disagree. The systems at play in DMC and the game on the hardest difficulty required you to enter a zen like state, over thinking was a no, no and that's how these games should be, I'd love to see them shoot for 60 fps on the OG and a 90 performance mode on the Pro with the same level designers as DMC and the same artists as DMC4. A mix of both worlds hopefully, not going to Old school but not skipping over all the epicness of the reboot either.


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Definitely a Resident Evil game. Has to be...right?

I don't think it will be but i really hope for a Dragon's Dogma 2