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Yeah, we're moving on from the Zelda talk. No one follow up after this, please. Thanks.


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Very interesting, a good addition to the game.

It was confirmed to take Zelda approach a year ago and by Zelda I mean OoT formula not BotW. Too bad people don't bother to read and bitch about it being a TLoU copy walking simulator. I blame the footage shown to the public. But yeah people should care about informing themselves. What next outrage over Death Stranding being open world(yeah it is confirmed)?

CGI-Quality said:
roadkillers said:
Yup, God of War is taking a Zelda approach. Happy this game is going open-world and really excited to see how they pull it off.

Nah, not truly open world. It's just taking a more open approach than any previous God of War game.

to me this sounds like its taking more of a souls/bloodborne approach than anything. 

roadkillers said:
wd87 said:

planning on naming that "majority"?



I deleted those images because they were taking up too much space. 

2) There is voice acting in Legend of Zelda https://youtu.be/gO5RtXgIZtA?t=1m5s

3) Kind of ignorant to say, they all have had stories. Personally I enjoy GoW's story, but... Zelda definitely has story

4) Music is some of the best... https://youtu.be/8ulEMXUNyRo

5) Umm, God of War really isn't that challenging. I mean God Mode, but in general enemies just do more damage. Even I've beaten God of War on God Mode. Zelda will definitely have you thinking more... Odd inclusion haha.

7) Boss battles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JazbX6FAgE8

8) Yeah God of War looks amazing, but I still am not sure what 4th decade is guy who only has 3 posts to his name.

So that is 5/8 technically (2,3,4,5,7) and some of them really make no sense. Haha, I'm sure your trolling so I will leave you be.

2) can you give me a video where link speaks? no? ok, ohohoh but but but the #38388 NPD speaks, umm ok? do you play as the #494949 NPD? no? ok

3) stop it, Zelda doesn't have a story, save the princess is not a story, it's a goal, a groceries list for nintendo games

4) really? shoe me that's better than this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoT2MgT2LVI

5) really? God Of War is not that challenging? you might want to tell that to Adam Sessler hahahahahaha

8) show me a picture of the latest zelda game that can compare to any open world 8th gen game graphically, Witcher 3, Horizon, AC Origins etc., spoiler, you can't


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The Zelda talk is over, guys! It is off-topic and is obviously causing trouble. Unfortunately, moderations may follow to those who don't heed this final Warning!


roadkillers said:
Yup, God of War is taking a Zelda approach. Happy this game is going open-world and really excited to see how they pull it off.

It's wide linear like how UC4 and TloU are like. Perhaps a little bit more so.


Optional bosses are cool. But I don't think they will be the super epic ones. Though hopefully one super tough one.


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I personally prefer Wide linear than true "open world"... lately Im having a hard time finishing open world games... I endup losing the thread so I stop playing them.... mostly due to a lack of time.

Really nice touch, feels more like a RPG, which is great.

I like the wide/open linear approach as well. It is a good balance between strict linear and overwhelming open world.