Bayonetta 2 would easily be able to pass 1 million in sales if brought to the Switch

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bayonetta 2 would easily be able to pass 1 million in sales if brought to the Switch

I was recently so disappointed when I went to the bayonetta 2 page and it said the game only made it to the mid 800 thousands. I swear it was over a million. 

Anyways,  a directors cut Switch version would easily shoot pass a million in sales. Portable..... Yum!

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It will happen. They will re-release 90% of the Wii U games on the Switch.


1 million by itself or 1 million with Wii U + Switch?

I don't think the former will happen but the later should happen easily. 
They should port to make some easy cash. 

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I think it's inevitable that they'll port it to the Switch (Or at least I hope so!). We've known for a while that Platinum is making something for Switch but they still haven't said if it's a new game or a port. For all I know it could easily be a Bayonetta 1+2 bundle. If it's not that, I'd gladly accept Bayonetta 3, too ;)

I wonder how many people still think it's coming to non-Nintendo platforms.

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Yeah, if it could nearly reach that on the Wii U, I figure it would be done quite easily on the Switch.



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Would love Bayo on Switch!

I'd be happier to see Bayonetta 1 than 2.

In addition to Bayonetta, this might also do Wonderful 101 some favors...

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I think they should do a new Bayonetta project in the vein of DmC, kinda a reboot kinda not.

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