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5 minutes by bike from home to the train station, 12 minutes train ride and a 20 minutes walk to school.

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15-20 minutes, depending on traffic (usually its worse on the way home).

If I can work from my home office, then it's slightly better.

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It depends. When I'm going to work, I have three options:

1. Get a ride - Usually leave 30 minutes before work
2. Take the bus - Usually leave 2-2 and a half hours before work
3. Ride a bike - Usually leave 1 hour before work

When I go to school, I take the bus. I usually leave about 2 hours before I start my first class.

60-70 minutes doesn´t seem a lot to me. That´s virtually the same time I take to commute to work by subway (three lines + waiting time) in a normal day, that is, without problems in any of the lines or heavy rain

Where I live, most people take 90-120 minutes commuting. Anyone who takes lower than that can be considered previleged. Yep, this is a big, big, big city.

20 walk. I work direct in the centre of town so it's easy.

Hmm, pie.

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I'm probably 50 steps from my job

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10 minute bike ride, 10 min train ride, 5 min walk to my job. I live in a small country.

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3 minute drive, 10 minute walk.

OTBWY said:

10 minute bike ride, 10 min train ride, 5 min walk to my job. I live in a small country.

You must walk really fast.


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5 minutes in the morning and probably the same time on the way home. Both by car.