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Do you think there will be a new dedicated handheld?

Yes 39 22.81%
No 118 69.01%
See Results 14 8.19%

My ideal 3DS successor would essentually be a Nintendo Switch shrunk down into a regular New 3DS case. Give it a second screen, make the top screen capacitive touch, and add a second cartridge slot for 3DS/DS backwards compatibility. Include street pass functionality and a transfer system to allow for the transfer of all DSi/3DS digital software.

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Just make iteratons on the switch, with more battery life and smallers bezels that come with techonology.

Latest New Nintendo 3DS.

I think a 3DS just with double the cpu and better c stick with multi touch screen and 1080p in 2019

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I don't think they should

The Wii U was plagued from droughts, so a unified library is the reason why the Switch lineup is really good. If they release another 3DS successor, then they will have to split their teams again and would put them back to a similar spot like last time.

May as well release a Switch 'Lite' version that can't connect to the TV and is cheaper

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4D3S Switch.

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Hypothetically speaking, I wouldn't make a separate Nintendo handheld. Switch is already here and absorbs both the Nintendo home console and Nintendo handheld into a single device.

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Multiple revisions of the Switch are replacing the 3DS.

Already, quite a few people choose the current Nintendo Switch over their own 3DS to take on the go.

Here are some ideas:

I'd take the Switch and be like... "here's the successor to the 3DS, enjoy!"

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