Xbox One X is the most wished for video game item on Amazon!

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People were wishing for a Product with a name that made sense...the 4th XBox console is named One X? And costs twice as much as the 3rd one named One?

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Vasto said:
pokoko said:
While certainly a positive sign, it's this normal?

Something you can't buy, you put on a wishlist. Something you can buy, you ... go ahead and buy.


Something I cant buy that I want to buy I put on my wish list. 


If I do not want to buy it then I will not put it on my wish list. 

A lot of people actually do that to make it easy for friends and family to buy them gifts. Or Twitch followers for that matter.

Yes, you can pay to have other people's Amazon wish list items ship to their home. It's one of its main features.

So people put a lot of stuff they'll never buy on their lists.
I have a Rolex on mine btw. https://www.amazon.com/Rolex-Day-Date-President-228348-Baguette/dp/B013UT2BK4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1497644493&sr=8-2&keywords=rolex

Fingers crossed.

Well its the only new piece of hardware set to launch so that isn't a surprise.

Libara said:
And suddenly... Amazon is no longer reliable!

When people say amazon is reliable don't think they are reffering to the wishlist but I could be wrong.

To quote my favorite Grand Moff: "If saying it would only make it so."

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Vasto said:
As I said before,

People are excited for this console and the price of $499 is very good.

hardcore always are excited for shiny new hardware, and 499 is not very good.  

For a consol its really awefull price, was planning geting one for Forza 7.  Now fuck that idea.  

They wish, they had the money to afford it.

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It's probably been said already, but of course it's at the top, it's new...

Mar1217 said:
They wish, they had the money to afford it.

I have the money (and so do many people) but i wont spend it on a console that doesnt really have the games I want for it.

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