Can PS4pro and Xbone X beat Wii U?

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Will they beat it?

Both Will 5 18.52%
Only Ps4 13 48.15%
Only Xbox 1 3.70%
Wii U wins 8 29.63%

I was thinking about this when the new Xbox was announced. These premium line of consoles aren't supposed to sell a huge ammount of numbers compared to their basic versions.

I think PS4 pro is a given at this point but do guys think Xbox one x can make it? I'm not sure on that one 

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Probably. Xbox One retailed at 500 and still beat the stuffing out of Wii U. Wouldn't surprise me. Same with PS4 Pro.

Will we ever even get figures for those consoles (especially the Xbox) though?

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Probably with the PS4 Pro.

Xbox Scorpio, even with the right price of 399 wouldn't.

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The real question is if we gonna have a separate number for them.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Will we ever even get figures for those consoles (especially the Xbox) though?

Well, I think Sony said something like 1 in 4 units sold are Pros, I could search and calculate but I don't have time haha

I doubt MS will ever give numbers though 

Well Sony already stated that Pro has been 1 in 5 since launching. Looking at VG Chartz nmbers of Pro launch vs the 60.4M Sony announced at E3 PS4Pro is already above 2.5 Million sold. That was done eith limited supplies, a smaller 4K market, and a small list of games supporting it. As all of that changes, I think Pro will creep up to 1 in 4, and possibly even 1 in 3 by the end of the year.

Even with the higher price point on XOX I think it will do better than WiiU. I don't think the Xbox brand is going to shrink, and as the same factors shift in XOX favor, I expect it the sell a decent percentage of all Xbox units as well.

Pro and X are both great devices, and their value is only going to become greater and greater in the next few years.

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The question is, will the Wii U be the most expensive console in history at the end of its life?

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