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Do you agree?

Yes, I find it reasonable. 186 37.73%
No, I find it is a stupid idea. 307 62.27%

An interesting idea has been present on the minds of gamers in the last years. The concept of going third party is a taboo subject, a lot of people are against it but there are some people like me that see the benefits of going third party.

If Sony goes third party all gamers win. Don't belive me? Let's think.

Sony going third party means more money to spend on videogames.

Having all the Sony games on one platform (PC) means we can stop wasting money on outdated hardware. Money that could be spent on more games. Having Sony games enter the steam ecosystem means we could have Uncharted/Horizon/etc. at insane prices. Gamers win in the end.

PS4 hardware is inferior if we compare it to a PC.

Eliminate the need to buy a PS4 and now you have more money for games and for hardware upgrades on your PC. You could play Sony's first party games on real 4K and 60fps.

Sony's first parties would be able to realize their full potential.

Not being tied to the limitations of the PS4, Naughty Dog could make their games even better than they look today.

Sony's first parties would have increased market reach.

PC gamers can be counted on the millions, add to those the people that are buying PS4's and Sony would be sitting on a pile of cash in no time.

PC gamers will have access to videogames they could never play. And vice versa.

PC gamers could finally enjoy the first party offerings from Sony, and Sony gamers would enjoy the PC offerings. A win-win situation.

So what is your opinion?

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Agreed. I would love if everyone went third party


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I completely agree. There's really nothing that can be argued here.

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Is this a joke thread

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So you're saying that the PC would be the only place to play games? I say that because Xbox One already shares over 90% of it's library with them. Woop, I forgot Nintendo. So only Nintendo and PC?

Oh and we already know anything (hardware wise) is inferior to the PC.

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I disagree so much it kinda hurts...

Well seeing as how PS Now is gonna be on PC everyone will be able to play Playstation games on there soon.

I know it's a joke thread, but there are some real issues with a possible scenario of Sony going third party, both for Sony and for gamers, huge issues.

Anyway, ideally I agree, if we all had access to all games on a single place it would be better for us.

Sticky said:
Is this a joke thread

I'm pretty sure it's a response to BraLoD's thread.