Your number 1 'sleeper' title for this year

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Theres a few including:

1. LA Noire - I've heard next to nothing on this, yet it looks super cool!

2. Getaway - Theres no news on a release date, but this game could be 2008 and should be great

3. White Knight Chronicles - Could be a great new RPG.

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Monster Lab and Lost Winds for Wii

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LBP for me, one of the least hyped game, and potentially can be huge.

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Played_Out said:
EaglesEye379 said:
All Points Bulletin if it comes out this year.

I would probably agree with this. I just hope it lives up to the Atari arcade classic.

@ MontanaHatchet

Too Human is bad enough, but Saints Row 2!?!?! That games is gonna bomb like the Enola Gay!!! The only reason anyone bought the first game is that there was no GTA. The fact that it even got a sequel is pretty embarrassing.

Too Human could hit a million if it has a massive marketing campaign.

Saints Row 2 will do great numbers because it will probably launch much later than GTA4 (Christmas 2008, perhaps?).



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Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon... developed by the tri-Cresendo, the same guys who did Baten Kaitos series and Eternal Sonata.

This is the third party game for the Wii that I'm waiting.

Last year, I thought it would be N.M.H., but not enough advertising (I saw 0 TV commercials) ... : (

This year:

Okami Wii,
Prototype (Is it coming out this year???),
Deadly Creatures,
Guitar Hero: On Tour

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I was thinking LBP, but that got a lot of hype back when it was announced, although it's died down quite a bit. It's hard to know what's going to be a good game until it's done though - just look at Lair.

Okami Wii