[FAKE] Rumor/Leaked: MK8 Switch will have a New Battle Mode, 24 Extra Tracks and 10 New Characters

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Okay I will!

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So who's saying the guy who claims that it's fake isn't faking?

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Faelco said:
Nem said:
It's a fake, of course.

If they made 24 new tracks they would make MK9.

I fixed it ^^.

Yeah i catched up with the thread. There was no need to fix it, because having the DLC on the disk is highly likely.

Luke888 said:
Metroid33slayer said:

It will be much quicker than that because the engine and mechanics are being reused so they aren't starting from scratch.

I'm talking about a brand new MK game, of course new stages for 8 take far less than that but given the power that is inside the Switch I'm positive Nintendo will upgrade at some point in its lifetime...

The power difference between the wii u and a docked switch is about 2.5, about the same difference between 720p and 1080p. So for MK9 they might as well use the same engine but with a higher resolution of 1080p. The switch isn't powerful enough to produce graphics a generation above MK8, so they maybe better off refining what they have in MK8.

SmileyAja said:
It's fake;

Haha that ars. And here I figured they had just removed it from the site when I checked. Guess Emily Rogers can't claim victory yet.

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If this holds, I expect the 24 tracks includes the 16 DLC tracks. Plus two new cups.

Can I buy this for MK8 WiiU please...

Edit: derp. Should have gone through the thread.


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Why would they make 24 tracks as DLC people...

They'll use the Wii U's DLC and add another pack or two along with it



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Goodnightmoon said:
twintail said:
So they couldnt bother patching the WiiU version?

Come on, always looking the bad side don't you? We didn't have enough with getting one of the very best best games of the gen (with free online) and 2 amazing dlc that extended the game content a 50% for 10 bucks in addition to a 200cc mode for free, nah, we now need to feel dissapointed because they are not including also all the content of the new Switch game on it, because that makes so much sense.


the battle mode in the original sucks. like completely. you would think, if there were to be an improved battle mode, that it would have been something they would have fixed via patches for the wiiu version. It seems like this boxart is fake so no worries I guess, but still... considering how well MK8 on wiiu sold, fixing battle mode should have been a priority to enhance the overall experience. Not keeping it back so they can sell the game again on a different platform.