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So, I got a new TV for black friday.

I waited in line 5 hours. The one I wanted was a 50" uhd Toshiba for 200, but, about 15 people cut in with friends in line at the front, and the employees were just like, hey if they are in line it doesn't matter if they cut in. Manager said that.


So, I was like, ok. BeSt buy always does special extra discount on open box on black friday. I went in, saw a 55" Sammy curve for 650, said 350$ off. I was like, sweet deal. That's fine. I go up and ask if they did a special discount for bf on open box. Talked to the gm, told him everything about the line etc, hoping I could get another 10-20%. He said the discount is already included. 

I resign myself to the deal, buy it get home. Go to target the next day, and they're selling the same tv for 650 and a 70$ gift card on top. Confused I check online. Samsung itself is selling the tv for 699$.


So, I basically paid manufacturer price on bf, fr a tv they said was 300$ off, with no discount other than 40 something for open box, wasn't given anything for being cut in line, nothing was done.


This is pretty fucking shitty. Any advice on what to do?

I'm just going to return it and everything I've bought there in the last 2 weeks, otherwise.

Never shopping there again.

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Return it and consider tweeting this story to their twitter account.

Best but...what?

Call their corporate. They will send something , at Wal-Mart's its called letters to the president", to the store that will make them call you and handle it. Probably in the form of a gift card and best but is all about customer service so they could give more.


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Thread title updated.


I know this isn't related to your experience, but honestly Best Buy is a crappy chain.
Yo Prof, have you ever heard the story of Best Buy's fake online store? They used it to mislead in-store customers of their online prices so they could gouge them lol.


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That Toshiba was hot trash, and you're lucky you didn't waste time with it. If you're looking for a budget 4K, grab an XBR55X700D.

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CGI-Quality said:
Thread title updated.


Now my post makes less sense.

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Yea bestbuy is stupid. They have great deals on things once a while like they had with this HP laptop with a core i5 as the same price as a core i3 that other stores were selling. But for most other deals, those aren't actual "sales."

It is why I always shop online. I dont know if RedFlagDeals is available in the US but they generally take the sales of every site and present it to you so that way, if say a certain TV is on sale, you can check it out on that site. Shopbot and pricebat also does this but RedFlagDeals is really good with its prices although not quite as clean.


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I'm not looking for something on a budget.
I was just looking for a good deal.
I'd rather spend my money on something I know is discounted, than something that's being advertised as being discounted but not.

As for the toshiba, it wasn't really that I wanted it specifically, I just wanted something for my bedroom, but was willing to look at more expensive tvs as well.
I just feel ripped off and lied to.
I'm willing to spend 600 on a tv that's on sale. I don't want to spend 600 for a tv that isnt, especially illy when it's not only cheaper somewhere else, but I don't have to wait in line, and it's new vs used.
It's just crazy,really when you think about it.

Do what I said then. They will give you a gift card or something. Then you still feel like you got a deal.

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