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Actually, the more interesting question would be, which one would sell more first week? Nintendo's classic undershipments and Apple's extremely loyal userbase would make for an interesting comparaison indeed.

Apple does not care enough about core gaming to try and push itself on that market, so the Switch would still be the leader of dedicated handheld gaming, and people who want to game on a console would choose it over the iPlay.

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if they have good controls . switch has decent controls on side which is a must

Pretty sure most people use ipads to surf the Web, stream movies and play candy crush. It's wouldn't really cut into switch sales

It will kill Nintendo as a whole..

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Expensive and no games... Apple is a bit off the track

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numberwang said:
Expensive and no games... Apple is a bit off the track

They're essentially making the same mistake Nintendo did with the Wii U.

It really depends on what games the iPad can get as exclusive.

JRPGfan said:
The games make a console.
Nintendo has a cheaper unit, with a bigger games library... and should sell more for the gamers.

The Appstore actually has the biggest games library world wide :D

CaptainExplosion2 said:

 Same. Most of the games on the App star aren't even worth your time.

Its not as bad as people makes in in my opinion. Some examples below. If the rumors are true, it got definitly push in the right direction. Maybe we will even see AAA games like Mass Effect Andromeda on iPads in the future? The power should be enough (if true)





They aren't even the same thing. The switch is a gaming console.