Germany Console Sales: PS4 3.25 million/Wii U 750K/XBO 710K

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Isn't Germany a huge PC country? If so, it's only gonna get worse for Xbox.

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iNathan said:
Ryng_Tolu said:

800k would be horrible for PS4 this holidays, and 1.2 million not bad but still meh in my opinion.

I think PS4 should be 1.7 million in November and December NPD.


In Germany holidays are not as big as in USA, in 2015 holidays sales for PS4 were just 41% of total YOY sales. I think PS4 will be flat at best this year, at least in Germany.

Seems like to dont understand much how markets work, console will drop price, Neo is coming out, VR will be hyped and Gran Turismo is coming, along with all the 3rd party games, Ps4 will be up by alot WW this holodays, Germany included. 

I'm not saying is impossible for PS4 be up YOY in Germany but honestly, that's seem hard right now.

460,000 by end of July, which is an avg. of 65k per months, but of course there are better months than others, like the first quarter is bigger than the second ecc.

If we use that 65k avg even for August and September (which seem high but let's use it), and maybe 100k in October because is the month of the Neo, that's still under 700k YOY. Now, last holidays was 570k, i can see it sells better, maybe 700k, wihch could be with the 700k of the rest of year about the same of last year.

Could happen, but i really can't see it be MUCH up YOY. It's gonna be close.


EDIT: Wait are you talking about only holidays sales? Then yes PS4 will be up surely.

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Jranation said:
Yep! Consoles are sure is declining.

So is your grammar. 

tak13 said:
bunchanumbers said:
Wii U standing tall! Love to see it.

Sadly Nintendo abandoned or killed it  ( to be more precise)  early, 2016 should be its last normal year not 2015, it deserved one more year of push and effort by Nintendo. 

Selling 3.2m in 2015 and forecasting  just 800k in the  next year, implies that you are killing your product.... 

Nintendo announced NX release date prematurely , they should have waited , many people won'te buying a wii u  in 2016 fearing of wasting money if NX after all has  BC... Wii u big  yoy sales drop,  is mostly because of NX anticipation! And game-wise, 2016 is a super-dry year!


I hope that it will reach 1m in Germany... I don't know, maybe there is still time to  manage it ( 250k in the rest of its life isn't a huge number, so it must be a feasible aim ) , the issue is if there are enough inventory to reach it, if you know what I mean! ;)

Did you ever think maybe they didn't want to manufacture anymore because it would be very costly for them?  So they had ~800k+ left and that was all they had to sell.  


With the Wii U having terrible software support again in 2016 did it really make sense to do that?  When they can just sell off what they had left and move on. 

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poklane said:
Isn't Germany a huge PC country? If so, it's only gonna get worse for Xbox.

Yes. PC is also very popular in Germany. It gets physical release of various PC games. PC and PlayStation are really popular. Sales number is also saying the same.

Those hardware ratios aren't surprising when one remembers how things looked during the sixth generation. Both the GameCube and Xbox got barely over 1m each in their lifetimes, with the GC being slightly ahead. The PS2 sold more than 6m. I do not remember a more exact amount, but it was way ahead.

What hurts the Xbox brand is that it's too much of an inferior PC and Microsoft's image on the whole. But Germany isn't only a PC + PlayStation country, not even this generation. After all, Nintendo also sells handhelds and they have always been at least moderately successful.

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RolStoppable said:
 After all, Nintendo also sells handhelds and they have always been at least moderately successful.

yep, this site has 3DS at 3 million

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Good ol' Germany.