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The most annoying is...

Chromatic Aberration 32 15.69%
Depth of Field 15 7.35%
Motion Blur 57 27.94%
Bloom 41 20.10%
Lens Flare/Dirt 23 11.27%
Film Grain 19 9.31%
Other 17 8.33%

excessive motion blur on games running at 30 fps

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Bloom by far, for me.

When used in moderation, I have no problem with most of those effects.

Chromatic aberration hurts my eyes badly so I prefer it to be minimized as much as possible ...

Lens flare isn't quite the same as other screen space effects when it's cause by very bright lights scattering in the camera lens ...

All of those are horrible except bloom. That is an extreme example in the screenshot. There are some cases where its used to extremes, but in moderation its harmless and actually enhances the visuals.

If i had to choose one... lens flare, because it has a direct impact in the gameplay, rather than just the presentation.

One of the worst things for me is when the camera wobbles or hops around as your character moves. Happened alot in Tomb Raider. I hate it. Am considering not even touching the sequal because of it. It actually makes me sick.

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Depth of Field, because it's a lazy way to avoid better textures and save resources, AND it's the developer telling me what I have to look at. If I focus on a character, my eyes will automatically make the background a bit blurry, but if I want to look at the background, let me. Just let my eyes take care of DoF naturally.

Motion blur kind of makes me sick though, so there's that.

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Chromatic aberration for sure it physically hurts my eyes and gives me a headache.

too dark area til i have to increase tv brightness a lot and then have to adjust back on normal area

It's a toss up between motion blur and depth of field. Both can dramatically ruin the image.

The motion blur in Project cars (console version) was terrible. DriveClub keeps it better in check yet ever got a pylon stuck on the car? It stays a blurry mess even while it's not moving relative to you lol.
Depth of field always kept the background blurry in Infamous Second son, kept me wondering why my eyes wouldn't focus or if the tv had a problem.

The other effects are annoying yet aren't there all the time. Apart from film grain which can be done tastefully like in outlast. It didn't also need chromatic aberration though. I've never seen a camera crappy enough to have it noticeable in real life.

Another annoying effect is the dolly zoom for boost, usually matched with heavy motion blur. It ruined Fast racing Neo for me, can't see shit while boosting which you practically have to do all the time.

alternine said:
I actually like the Lens flare lol

I like it sometimes, like when it makes sense to the game but when it happens too much it gets kinda annoying.