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Who will win Super Bowl LI?

New England Patriots 51 47.66%
Kansas City Chiefs 3 2.80%
Pittsburgh Steelers 6 5.61%
Other (AFC) 3 2.80%
Dallas Cowboys 10 9.35%
Atlanta Falcons 15 14.02%
Seattle Seahawks 5 4.67%
Green Bay Packers 5 4.67%
Other (NFC) 4 3.74%
Scoreboard 5 4.67%
After last weeks disaster on offense that was a great opening drive by the Lions.

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Cowgals and Steelers plz

Oshit guys, Dallas is wearing blue jerseys.


MTZehvor said:
Oshit guys, Dallas is wearing blue jerseys.


I was thinking that during the pregame maybe I should change my pick to the Redskins winning. Nah I'll stick with Dallas xD

Wow that was possibly the most blatantly missed PI ever.

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Why did the Vikings have to throw the game away? The Lions are sooo Giants with their close wins.

I am glad that I didn't start Beasley tonight. He didn't even gain 50 yards.

EDIT: Surprising pass play on the Cowboys' final drive, so Beasley ended up with more than 50 yards. But without a score, I still have no regrets.

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Man I should have started Cousins in fantasy tonight. Despite losing he's got like a million yards

10-1 hype.

Angelus said:
RolStoppable said:

Of course they can. But of course they won't. If they lose to the Eagles, they'll be three games behind the NFC North leader with only five games to go.

They'll be lucky to win half their remaining games 

If you asked me at the beginning of the season, I would have said they'd win 5 out of their last 6 games of the season.  Now, meh.

MIN-DET annoyed me because Bradford was apparently going for Comp%, with 20 2 yd passes, rather then try and win the game.

DAL-WAS went as expected, not much to say. Redskins still a decent team.

PIT-IND Tolzien not playing too bad until he decides to run it and finally this interception. But at least he tackled the guy who intercepted him lmao. PIT still seems a bit shaky without the dynamic trio.