Nintendo NX; Sony Playstation NEO, Microsoft XBOX ONE 2! Chose your favourite (poll)

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Chose your favourite:

Nintendo NX 260 41.34%
Microsoft XBOX ONE 2 116 18.44%
Sony Playstation NEO 253 40.22%

After the WiiU how could I be hyped for the NX?

New Xbox doesn't interest me, neither did the original X1. Plus with all X1 titles ending up on PC I never have a reason to consider buying one now.

PS4 neo, Well I already have a PS4 so the only way Id consider a neo was if my PS4 broke or If FFXV ran
"considerably " better on the neo. If they run exactly the same framerate but one offers better resolution than I don't care, ill just stick with my vanilla PS4.

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Could swing either way between the Neo (love the Morpheus+Neo=Matrix code names) or the NX, really just depends on how they turn out. I'd be interested in expanding my pool of games to Nintendo. But if they botch the launch, or if the Neo turns out to be significant I may just end up going down that path.

Even if MS releases a good product, I haven't trusted them for almost a decade now and, since I don't agree with their tactics in all branches of business, I will be declining my support until further notice.



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NX. I'm hyped for it not as the successor of the WiiU, but as the successor of the 3DS (shared library means handheld-home console games together).

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Xbox Scorpio for me

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Playstation Neo

Considering that we know absolutely nothing concrete about any of those consoles...NX

I'd rather be playing Metroid Prime

Kerotan said:
Lol. Which of these 3 consoles we know nothing factually significant about is your favourite.

Could you not wait 2 weeks until we at least know about 2 of them and possibly all 3?

This. Threads like these are just awful. Built over literally no information whatsoever and mostly for points