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taikamya said:
phelipefabres said:
It's just a way of the people that was defeated in the last election to get the control of the country again. In Brazil, they stopped the country so the people started to lose jobs, the inflaction is goin up and all these men that you cited above are beneficiary of something. So, it's a coup

I'm brazilian and a I second this.


Democracy Now - https://youtu.be/N1csqcTvU9Y (On the situation)

The Young Turkshttps://youtu.be/GZ2cOLXByq8 (On the situation)

RThttps://youtu.be/iX28UR7Y9QM (on Temer and the WikiLeaks info)

CNN https://youtu.be/FMb9TLyCgU8 (TV Globo, Brazil's biggest media, banned this video from regular TV, can only be accessed through internet)

Interesting, thanks. Those videos are rather supportive of Rousseff, at least when it comes to the whole coup topic, not her presidency. I could see the guy, Glenn Greenwald of CNN, has appeared twice in those videos. Even CNN has the same stance, I wonder why. And yet the comments, if made by Brazilians, are very much anti-Rousseff, though comments on YT are hardly a statistically-correct observation.

If we forget about Rousseff (un-)popularity, do you think when it comes to the impeachment only public opinion would be pro-, anti-Rousseff, or more or less equally split? I mean how'd people reply to "Was it a coup or impeachment has followed legal procedures"?

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Final-Fan said:
Strato said:

It is the opposite. Vice president does not have a formal accusation (just suspects him a lot) and the president has 7 formal charges filed by the OAB(Order of Attorneys of Brazil), including that she tried to obstruct justice and ongoing corruption investigations. NYT and CNN do not help much

A few minutes of Google shows that they are all under investigation for various activities.  The fact that charges have been filed against Roussef hardly proves that she is any more guilty than the others.  For instance, I would be surprised if the senate fails to impeach Renan Calheiros on the charges standing against him there now that they must decide by open ballot instead of the secret ballot that let him off the hook on the first charge.  (The rules change being directly motivated by massive outrage that he was let off the hook.) 

It's a big mess and I sympathize with those of you who are just wishing for honest leadership.  But if this current impeachment is motivated by those who want the Lava Jato - Car Wash investigation (which Rousseff is cooperating with) to end, it will cause a lot more problems than it solves.  Be vigilant! 

Renan Calheiros has 12 charges in the race. Basically only the Supreme Court can knock him out, as they did recently with Eduardo Cunha(now former chamber president). And the new president is showing support to the Lava Jato, at least, recent reports demonstrate positive changes. We'll be tuned

The situation here is getting worse day after day

Some latin american countries are turning their back against us, like Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia and even Russia (sic)

BraLoD said:
It's all a mess, no matter who gets on control, nobody care about the country, just personal interests, from all sides.
Dilma was just a puppet, a very silly one, things started to go completely out of control, they were never on control, actually, just that all started to finally lose the illusonary control status they were painted to be built on, the ecomony went to shit just like it was always headed out, them the opposition saw a weak government with a weak leader and made its move, people saying it was a coup are the ones still blinded to reality, it was always a power battle, nobody ever cared about the people and all sides have always done what interested itself, then when the government saw it was going to fall, it once again just used people as mass of maneuver, and it turned to a football match, side against side, self interest against self interest, and no fucks given to the actual country and population.

Dilma impeachment was a need after the political and economical bubble burst, as well as the actual popular dissaproval, not to say the actual problems the impeachment was based into and the future shit that is to come to be revealed from all this.

Temer is just another one, nothing really will evet change around here without a revolution, the country is over the head filled with shit, its bases were built on shit for shit to prevail, but at least the change of image and the fact someone "above all" actually fell after populace pressure, represents a better Brazil image for brazillian people, people fell more on control (which we are not, but a lot realized we are supposed and actually have power to do so, we rule ourselves, we aim ourselves, and when we really want, we can and do change, though people will just cool down and forget it asap, as good brazillians, a political mass, that forgets everything, that also only always move for personal interest, that only cares about themselves and have hypocrisy as the middle name).

Anyway, it's a good thing, even as it won't change much if anything.


You said pretty much everything. We cannot forget the deputy voting for impeachment, where each of them voted for family, kids, dosgs, etc, and for last for the country.

They are doing it, because they are part of the Foro de São Paulo, an International forum created by Castro and Lula to discuss strategies for the left all over latin america

Since 1990, they ascended to power in almost all the countries in latin america, but now, they lost power in Brasil and Argentina, that's why they are making sure the internacional media considers Dilma Roussef as a victim (BUT SHE IS NOT)

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Final-Fan said:
I'd like to thank mai for creating this thread, and the many people who posted thoughtfully on this issue. I found the CNN link particularly helpful. For all the mockery they bring down on themselves for simulating plane crashes in their Holographic TerrorDome, they are still able to do very good reporting when they want to.

It sounds to me like Brazil is on the verge of seizing power from a slightly-corrupt president and handing it over to a convicted very-corrupt vice president, possibly for the purpose of trying to foil dozens of ongoing corruption investigations. It will be bad news for Brazil if this happens, even if it doesn't weaken the strength of the entire republic (against future dictatorships taking power).

The USA has a lot of problems with its politicians, and in some way they will probably prove even harder to root out than this style of blatant corruption because of how insidious it is. But on the other hand, this type of stuff is completely out of the question here.

Pretty much what I was saying. It seems obvious for people that see the situation from outside, but most Brazilians right now just can't notice it because they got consumed by the idea that it is all PT's fault or opposition's fault and, as you may have noticed here, these people just exchange nonsense offenses because of their political preferences.

It's not PT, it's the foro de são paulo's fault

PT is just one of the foro's arms

Some news via RIA:

Govenment of the Brazil is looking to sell its share of assets, including postal services, transport and insurance companies, as reported by the Globo quoting officials from the Temer govenment.


According to Globo, government is working on a list of companies to sell, which might include Correios postal service company, Casa de Moeda mint, Caixa Economica Federal insurance company and various port services companies.


Additionally partial privatization is planned for Infraero national airports operator and over 200 smaller companies currently owned by Eletrobras.


I wouldn't mind a link to Globo in Portuguese to confirm this.

That is the only choice, the corruption system that was created inside petrobras is a system that, probably, was implemented in all of Brasil's companies

Socialism and the corrupt left are finally dying in South America.

Now i hope poor Venezuela can get rid of Maduro without a civil war, looks unlikely though.