What's the one game YOU want to see at E3 2016?

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Since Zelda NX and Pokémon Sun/Moon are a given I'll say Metroid Prime 4 even if I don't expect it to happen...

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Diddy Kong Racing 2! :)

Probably the most unrealistic expectations here, but I don't have one but instead TWO games I would want to see.

Zone of the enders 3 and

Vagrant story Remake. (specifically a remake becasue I don't think it's possible to improve on the original, that game was perfection)

Crash Bandicoot.

A good sequel to Parasite Eve. Just pretend Parasite Eve 2, and 3rd Birthday never existed and come out with a new Parasite Eve 2 for the PS4.

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The Legend Of Dragoon 2 or The Legend of Dragoon remake

Vagrant Story remake

Lost Odyssey 2

Rogue Galaxy Remake

Skies of Arcadia Remake

Saga Frontier 1 and 2 remakes.

yeah a lot of remakes or direct sequels to some of these games. Plenty of others but you all get the point.

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Halo Wars 2. Still holding out for that Skies of Arcadia/Power stone remake


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

Suikoden 6.
But.... Konami. =/

Id like to see a new Wild Arms game.

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New Crash and (at least) release year for kingdom hearts III + new trailer