Should I get Xperia Z5 Premium or get Sony's new X performance phone??

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Which phone should I get?

Xperia Z5 Premium 9 50.00%
Xperia X Performance 9 50.00%

Okay I got a a Z3 back in November of 2014, but I dropped my phone a lot of times and my buttons seem to get hard to push sometimes so I decided to upgrade.

The thing is.... the Z5 Premium seems better than the X Performance! Bigger screen, 4K display and better battery. The only reason difference the X has over the Z5 is that its faster and the 13 mp front camera and that's it.

The new X just seems like a downgrade to me... Is there any other real reason to get the X performance other than speed?


Which one should I get???      

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Z range is the premium range. So really just choose what you would prefer. Z5 is a pretty beast phone as is and will last you a good few years.


i would go for X performance simply because heard that SD810 have overheating issue...

I just got a Z5. If you're a fan of the Z brand then get it, it's simply wonderful. If you're concerned about the phone getting warm then maybe don't, because like all Z phones it's gonna get pretty toasty.

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Just get the newer model

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Is the z5 premium larger than the z3? I'm sure an upgrade at the end of the year and as much as I love the Z range, I don't want my phone getting bigger, nor do I like the smaller compact range.

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The one you don't find too hard

Get the Z5 over the Z5 premium. The premium brings the 4k display and if you read up on it, it is not really all that worth it.

I would personally get the X as it has the newer 820 processor which means it won't be as hot as the 810s were.

Z line has just been replaced so the z5 will be the last/best phone they have. Just pay attention if you're in the US as sony dropped the fingerprint sensor from it there. Just make sure you get the good version.

X Performance/Professional looks nicer to me

Personally, as a Z2 user, I'm waiting for their next flagship with USB C, especially as the X Performance/Professional isn't coming to the UK