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Final Monthly Hardware Rankings:

PS4 CoD Bundle: #13
XBO Gears Bundle: #29
XBO 3-Game Holiday Bundle: #87
N3DSXL: #69
N3DS Pokemon 20th Anniversary Bundle: #91
N3DSXL Fire Emblem Edition: #99

Once again, there are no pre-orders coming into effect this month (I think).

Current Yearly Hardware Rankings:

PS4 CoD: #24
XBO Gears: #46
N3DSXL: #62

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Final Weekly Rankings

(Notes: February is a 4-week month. Entries marked with an asterisk are pre-orders that don't count towards February NPD.)


Week 1 (Feb. 1 - Feb. 7)

PS4 COD bundle: #24
XBO Gears bundle: #39
New 3DS XL: #52
N3DSXL Fire Emblem bundle: #70
PS4 Uncharted 4 bundle: #94*

Week 2 (Feb. 8 - Feb. 14)

New 3DS XL Pokemon 20th Anniv. bundle: #12
PS4 COD bundle: #15
XBO Gears bundle: #29
New 3DS XL: #43
XBO 3-game Holiday bundle: #65
N3DSXL Fire Emblem edition: #78

Week 3 (Feb. 15 - Feb. 21)

PS4 COD bundle: #12
XBO Gears bundle: #33
3DSXL Fire Emblem edition: #34
New 3DSXL Fire Emblem edition: #71
XBO 3-game Holiday bundle: #77
New 3DS XL: #79

Week 4 (Feb. 22 - Feb. 28)

PS4 COD bundle: #21
XBO Gears bundle: #33


U.S. 2017 Sales Predictions (Updated July) vs. NPD Actuals (bolded & italicized)
PS4: 5.5M (5.36M); XBO: 4.5M (4.27M); Switch: 4.75M (4.87M)

Global 2016 Sales Predictions (Updated July) vs Actuals or VGC Estimates (bolded & italicized)
PS4: 19M (20.2M [official Sony figure]); XBO: 7M (7.6M [VGC est.]); Switch: 13M (13.2M [VGC est.])


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