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I saw a thread about this on another thread, & was astounished at how many "nos" there were. So I decided to ask my fellow VGCharters, should miis be in Mario Kart Wii?

I say yes, because

a) Adds variety to racing. Seriously, who wouldn't want to race Hitler?

b) Well organized for wi-fi. Easier to keep track of then names alone or Mario Characters

c) Attracts casual crowd. More casuals means more money. More money means better Nintendo games.

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Can I use this thread as a place to rant and rave about how Mii's aren't in Brawl? Because that still really pisses me off!

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i think miis is not only in the race but featured in the background too

Yes you may, Stof.
But put it all in 1 post, please.

Is there voice chat in there?

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Is a good idea play with Miis, is very interesting and I think funny.

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I believe Miis can be playable in MKWii

@kingofwale, I believe there is no voice chat, only text chat.

Mirson said:
I believe Miis can be playable in MKWii
 see the pics, i saw a "mii sphinx" in the Egypt Circuit from magazine before


I love miis so I say yes ^_^