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The thumbs down/up system

Is abused and should be only thumb up 15 23.44%
Is abused and should be given as privilege 4 6.25%
Is abused and those who a... 8 12.50%
Is what it is, and reflec... 37 57.81%

Well you can also upvote you're own comment so i wouldn't take it to seriously.

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In all seriousness though, there's really no point in having the ability to downvote comments. Good/popular posts already get moved to the top because of people giving a thumbs up so that system is already there. Thumbs down could have a place if used to filter out comments that are straight-out trolling but as is people use it to get rid of/hide opinions they simply don't agree with, and opinions getting hidden because they're unpopular is, as Pokoko said, bloody fucking stupid.

AnthonyW86 said:
Well you can also upvote you're own comment so i wouldn't take it to seriously.


Or create alt accounts to boost your ego.

LivingMetal said:
padib said:

I want to raise an issue in the comments section which makes it really unpleasant to post.


What do you people think?

Actually, I think you're on to something.  I just checked the original article and found this:

The system must be broken because I don't think there are that many people in the world to down vote you...

It's not just the world. Aliens from a galaxy far far away saw it and disliked it 

padib said:


Hiku, you know what would be awesome? If everyone that downvoted anonymously in the past gets revealed.

Then we would know who the trolls are! :)

Plot twist: maybe they aren't trolls. Maybe they just disagree with you.

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i think down-voted posts shouldnt be hiden. And it should both Thumbs Up and Downs being displayed on the post

Don't let it get to you. Post what you want. Some strangers shouldn't irritate you



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ohmylanta1003 said:

Plot twist: maybe they aren't trolls. Maybe they just disagree with you.

Possibly true. But a lot of people tend to be jerks over disagreements, hence downvoting those they disagree with into oblivion just because they can rather than, y'know, offering a reasoned rebuttal. We do happen to be on the internet, and civility is a rare commodity on it. A lot of people would rather just see opposing opinions kept from the public view rather than let the various opinions stand or fall on their own merits in an actual debate.

Also, you don't check your messages ever, do you? I've been trying to get hold of you for about two weeks now.

I could easily remove the down-vote option and make it more akin to Facebook's like system. I could maybe do a neutral thread asking people for their opinion on the value of the down-vote.

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outlawauron said:
pokoko said:

And it fails at that on a consistent basis.  Take the article where Rocket League was given the VGC award for biggest sales surprise of the year.  People agreeing were down-voted to "comment hidden".  That's just bloody fucking stupid.  It's nothing but a popularity contest where the faction with the most members wins.  

Only comment downvoted that far is an insult to the staff for picking Rocket League. In fact, the only comments with negative votes are ones critical of the choice.

I mean, outside of the puke comment at the top, I think most of the highly voted posts are pretty sensible and people are just agreeing with it. Easy to understand as Bloodborne was the Community choice for GOTY.

Maybe it was worse when you checked it? I think it's an example of response to a controverisal choice, but not that the system is broken.

I'm going to assume you mean a different article because I just checked to see if it had changed and it had not.

Here are some comments that were down-voted and "hidden" because they were below the threshhold:

JRPGfan (on 09 January 2016)

Well deserved. This game is huge in denmark imo. Its like everyone of my friends plays it.

midrange (on 09 January 2016)

People need to stop trying to put the staff's decision down. It's simply opinion. There is no "correct answer." There is no game that "deserved" the win. Rocket league is a great candidate that went beyond expectations. Who would have that the sequel to an obscure indie game would go onto be in the hands of 9 million users (and growing)?

hush404 (on 09 January 2016)

For me personally, Rocket League surprised me more. Sure, it had help getting recognized with PS+ (That's how I initially learned of it), but having played the predecessor (after RL), to see such success off of RL and not SRPBC is quite a surprise as they're quite similar. That and I'm never surprised that a Nintendo IP does well, regardless if it is new.

I see nothing wrong with those posts that they should be taken out of the discussion or hidden as though they are offensive.