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gogo said:
Sunshine was a terrible film.

the horror elements were just stupid.

You have "terrible" tastes if you thought that movie was terrible, with the below average casual hollywood popcorn muck that's out there, like Transformers and Pirates 3. You had a problem with the third reel, that's fine, but the first half of the movie more than makes up for the lackluster ending section.


Honestly, casuals always complain about the ending of a movie, as if the first 2/3rds didn't exist or didn't matter.


This is the very reason everyone flames No Country for Old Men, nonsensically, because they didn't leave the theatre with their average, boring, usual, casual, crap-happy, generic, smile-enducing ending, and instead actually have to examing the preceedings to understand the theme of the film, instead of having it spoonfed to them. 

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Deviation59 said:
Stockstar1138 said:
i see some Kubrickian elements to the film, but its far from a Kubrick film. Its scientifically retarded, but enjoyable and fun to watch.


Except the science is very real and not retarded at all. They even have a commentary track with a physicist who explains how and why everything works.

So... you fail.

Yes, he does fail, considering how in-depth the mythos does go and how well rooted in science the movie actually is. Those tracks and the consultants were a step beyond, imo.

I don't need your console war.
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.
You're power hungry, spinnin' stories, and bein' graphics whores.
I don't need your console war.


Its Danny Boyel, what did you expect?

Every movie he's made is great, until the ending.

This was my favorite of his movies though. Up until the ending, it is absolute perfection imo. The ending, while not even close to the rest, wasnt bad, it just wasnt very good.

It's very good but they overdid trying to force in action/speed for an audience with supposedly short attention spans and didn't given enough time/space to really selling the immensity of the environment (which Boyle clearly wanted to do a'la 2001) and the theme - which is a pity as I think it hurt the film as it landed in the middle between too much action/flaws for the smart SF crowd and too intelligent for the popcorn crowd.

They needed to setup the ending a lot better too - again, not wise to have a weak pot at a 2001 style ending unless you've really thought out what you're showing.

Still, nice to see a real SF film rather than the popular 'fake' SF films that are really fantasy films. I agree that this film deserves a bigger audience as its strenghs do outweigh the flaws, and the design is nice if a little Alien/2001 - but that's not a bad pedigree to follow.

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Not a fan of this film. Very disappointing, reminded me of Event Horizon/2001 towards the end. Really like Danny Boyle and what he has done but this film did not do anything for me

I will have to watch it again on DVD but I cant see me changing my mind.

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I'm a big Danny Boyle fan, the movie was great, but it kind of fell a part at the end when it turned into Event Horizon. Still a very smart film though, the commentary is great too, get the DVD.

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hum, this movie was good EXCEPT the ending completely flawed.

at least, it was better than expected (before reaching the ending)

looks like Alien to me

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I was SOOO going to make this thread, I just saw it the weekend before last (I'm in Ohio and I was snowed in that weekend, rented 5 movies :P) I just bought the BR on Saturday. Its an awesome flick!

Danny Boyle is the best! He's one of my favorite film-makers!

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All great movies, and i'm looking forward to 28 months later!


Btw, Sunshine kicks-ass! Too bad it didn't have THAT much succes (although it was a modest succes)... revenue like I am legend had would've been awesome though! 


Sunshine is brilliant, easily one of the best of '07, probably only topped by 'The Assasination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford' for me personally last year....

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