So, is the backwards compatibility overhyped?

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Why do you buy new gen consoles?

For last gen games! 10 3.05%
New gen is for new gens! 189 57.62%
Both, but new gen more. 121 36.89%
Both, but last gen more. 8 2.44%
97alexk said:

dude, ITS FREAKING GENIUS!!! Im playing xenoblade Chronicles now on the Wii U, wich i bought from the Wii u eshop, its an amazing game i couldnt get otherwise.

EDIT: NVM thats not what backwards compability means xD

remove the eShop thing and buy the Wii disc version then it is backwards compatibility.  And yes, Xenoblade Chronicles is an amazing game. :)

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I like having backwards compatibility, but I can easily live without it! Besides, I still have all my 7th gen consoles so it doesn't mean too much for me this gen.

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It's a nice feature to have. It would be even nicer if it works as they say. But, I don't see people buying it for that sole purpose, especially if they have a 360 that plays ALL the games without caveats. It's pretty much gonna be Halo 5 that's going to have to do the heavy lifting for Xbox One this holiday.

B/C when it works for all games is good to have. As soon as some games do not run on it or they are glitchy it just becomes a pain in the neck.

I really wanna see how MS will manage it. It may even backfire. As soon as it will be available people will start b*tching because their most favorite X360 games aren't available.

Guitarguy said:
I would say backwards compatibility is only really worth it if it makes the old generation games look better than they did. For example, when I play PS2 games on my PS3, the upscaling and lossless HDMI output cleans up those games so well that even a PS2 via component cable doesn't compare. The added bonus of less shelf space is a plus as well. That to me is when backwards compatibility is truly a great feature. Even the PS2 cleaned up PS1 games rather nicely because of the emulated graphics chip allowing for additiona filtering. Sadly Sony(and Nintendo with Wii backwards compatibility with the Wii U) did not really promote the graphical benefits of plays older games on those consoles, so many people did not care.

They updated Shadow Complex (my favorite downloadable title from last gen) after putting it out for preview members and it seems to run even better now than it did on 360. I haven't played it, but apparently textures load in almost instantly in Mass Effect but take awhile on 360. So the games can run better via BC.

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It is an important feature when making the transition between generations.

2 years in, yeah it makes no difference. It will never be a game changer by itself though. It just facilitates the upgrading.

It's useful.

A couple weeks ago the kids wanted to play wii sports resort again, bc saved me connecting the wii back to the tv. Although doing that would have saved me sitting through a 5 minute first run tutorial of how to connect a wii motion plus and nun chuck, having to unlock things again and make mii's to play with. In the end it cost me 10 minutes extra at least...
It went better with super paper mario, my 4 year old was having fun with that on the WiiU. I don't even have enough time to play Splatoon, certainly no time to replay old games. 11 more days to Mario maker!

vivster said:
Of course it helps. People hate no backwards compatibility. That's why Wii U is sales king and X1 is shreddering PS4 sales everywhere since the reveal.

On a side note, I wouldn't have bought the PS3 at launch if it didn't have the PS2 BC.

Hit the nail on the head with the funny sarcasm :) 

Rather have it than not though. I hope to be able to buy 360 exclusive titles (never owned it) such as Alan Wake maybe.

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It's a good feature to have, that's for sure! I haven't seen much hype around it so I can't see it being overhyped.

I don't need backward compatibility but having it is really nice. Also my Xbox 360 is not plugged anymore but there are a lot of games I didn't get the chance to play on 360. Buying an old gen game and replug my 360 is not going to happen but if the games are sold on the Marketplace and EA makes them available on EA Access then I see no reason to not like the feature.

A lot of last gen games hold up pretty well for today's standards actualy. Today's trend makes you believe that games not 1080p are too blurry to even snipe in a shooter (this is hilariously ridiculous) but a lot of games are more enjoyable than today's efforts.