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When it comes to things like this I am always in the "as long as I like how they do it it's ok" bandwagon.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


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Has potential. Not against the idea as long as it's a good movie.

I would rather they create new characters and storys. The unknown back story of han solo is what made him cool to me, but I guess we'll see what happens

Sounds lame.

Two of my very favorite Star Wars experiences were watching the first Ewoke movie as a kid and playing KOTOR 1 on XBox as an adult. I loved how these stories delved into the Star Wars Universe without the constraints of having to tell the bigger story. It's partly the appeal of Empire, too, since that is the middle part of the plot it can explore extra areas of the Galaxy without having to deal with Tatooine or the Death Star. While the original Ewoke movie is clouded by nostalgia and would probably suck if I watched it today, KOTOR was produced with incredible skill. I'm in favor of the spin off movies as long as they are well done. I could enjoy seeing a glimpse of Han's home world and the 3-breasted purple alien chicks he banged before Leia tied him down.

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yes, it turned out so great with anakin ....

Soundwave said:

Not a fan. Disney is going to milk this thing into infinity. Star Wars is not like the Marvel Universe and even the Marvel Universe is going to eventually show fatigue from all the movies they're releasing.

I don't need to know nor do I care how every freaking character (even ones I like) "came to be". I don't care how Han Solo became a smuggler. I don't need to know that his mommy abandoned him or something. 

Hear, hear.

Reminds me of this:

I love the character of Han Solo, but never really felt needed to know about his past. Will see if they can pull it off.

I really hope they are not going to try to sell us on a Han Solo-movie shortly or after Episode 4

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sounds great, will suck hard... disney will not be willing to make a adult movie. han is no born hero, he just becomes a hero because he meet the right guys when his life slowly drifted away because he risked to much eith money from a loan shark.