Do you think NX will be a success?

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Will NX be a success?

Yes 40 18.78%
Nope 62 29.11%
Too early to tell 100 46.95%
Whats a NX? 11 5.16%

Nintendo may have leraned enough durign this gen and then again they may not, only time will tell

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We still have no idea what this even is so it's wayy to early to tell :/

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They gonna need a miracle

Bet reminder: I bet with Tboned51 that Splatoon won't reach the 1 million shipped mark by the end of 2015. I win if he loses and I lose if I lost.

It's waaaay to early to tell, we don't even know what it looks like or what its capable of doing! I would like to stay positive and say yes but, Nintendo has fumbled a bit this generation, to say the least.

At this point, reaching 30m should be seen as a success. Let see how their fans will react to it.

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binary solo said:
It can be, but Nintendo has to convince a cynical market about its ability to support a home console for a decent length of time. And they need to secure some key 3rd party games with same day releases. If they can get R* to put GTA 6 on NX (because porting costs will be negligible, so why not?) and they can secure long term commitment to the platform for Fifa, CoD, Battlefield, AC etc, then that can help a lot. Like it or not the annual 3rd party franchise market is a sizeable chunk of the gamer market, and if you don't have them then you will always be limited to a minor share of the gamer pool.

Nintendo had the 2nd (is it 2nd yet) best selling home console of all time, and yet faile dto support it substantially beyond about 4 years. Contrast that with Sony's support for PS2 and the heavily handicapped in the early years PS3. Gamers know they can rely on Sony to get many good years of gaming out of their console purchase. Again, if you want to convince people to commit to NX you have to convince them that they will be getting new games for it for a longer timeframe than just 3 or 4 years.

They have made a good start with new IP with Splatoon, to some extent. It's a fun new IP, but it sits very musch within Nintendo's comfort zone and appeals mostly to the people who are already half way (or more) committed Nintendo.

I don't think they will make the mistake of releasing an expensive (for Nintendo) console, nor will they make it a loss leader. So I expect them to be making profit from day 1.

I think they could really get something going with the Japanese third parties and maybe secure some western third-party deals, but I don't see the Nintendo ecosystem really being healthy for those kinds of games unless they make a concerted effort to create an audience ven within their own base. It just seems utterly ludicrous to me that the core fans of those kinds of games would ever consider Nintendo for them in the near future.


Airaku said:
The Wii U was an attempt to bring the hard-core back? I don't think so... Not after release, nor have they attempted to try.

I know that was the original intention before they lowered the CPU clock speed and ended up screwing the 3rd parties over and their games couldn't run on their console anymore. We were lucky we even got a crappy version of Watch Dogs... :/

Back in 2012 Nintendo tried to convince hardcore gamers that 3rd parties would be supporting Nintendo's console this gen and while WiiU's horse power does dissapoint and gets used a bunch of time as an easy excuse to not port games over to WiiU, i think it's mostly because of the low sales games like Call of Duty, ZombiU, Assassins Creed, Deus Ex and Watch Dogs have met which is why 3rd parties decided to just ignore the thing.

Arlo said:
I'm not usually one to complain about this sort of thing, but I'm pretty sure we've had about a hundred similar threads over the last few days.

We will need at least a few hundred more of them to make Nintendo clear that we're worried about the NX.

NintendoPie said:
How many times is this thread or one akin to it going to be made in one week?

Well i dont know.

spemanig said:
If it is what I'm sure it is and does what I think it will, yes.


marley said:
I hope it's successful, but I don't expect that it will be.

We all do.

zorg1000 said:

 Ghostbusters Luigi Edition? Who asked for that?

Where is the "real" 3D Mario? I want Super Mario 64-2, not Mario Environmental Crew

Where is realistic Zelda? I don't want this kiddy, Celda

Meroid as a generic 1st person shooter? The franchise is ruined

I don't want this 2 racer gimmick in Mario Kart!!!!!!

What is this? Miyamoto's bug collecting/gardening simulator? The guy needs to retire

Animal Crossing? Where are the hardcore games, I didn't ask for this casual crap

Star Fox fighting dinosaurs? Get back in the cockpit!!!!!

Where is the Kirby platformer? All we get is a racing spinoff?

Bongo Kong? I didn't ask for this gimmick!!!!

Enough of the Mario Party/Sports games, there has been like 8 in 3 years!!!!

Why are all the multiplats late or inferior? Why don't we get Grand Theft Auto?

Ur right, Nintendo fans felt less burned during the GameCube days.

LOL! Totally agree with this one. While WiiU 1st party games are amazingly well crafted Miyamoto himself said that the sales have never been this bad not even back in the Virtual Boy days.

chapset said:
They gonna need a miracle

So do the Nintendo fans who don't want Ninty to go mobile exclusive.

Assuming it's a home console it'll do better than the WiiU at least.

If it's a handheld it won't sell as well as the 3ds but it'll still be successful.

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It will. Nintendo doesn't have any excuse for droughts this time.

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I hope it does well. We know nothing about it though. So it's pretty difficult to speculate anything at this point. I just want Nintendo to do what they normally do...be innovative. Also I would like them to be more inviting to 3rd parties, make more powerful hardware, and to add achievements/trophies (something like that) to entice replayability. I know not everyone cares about that. Hehe

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