Nintendo Fans, despite the E3 dissapointment, what THREE games did you enjoy seeing the most?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Fans, despite the E3 dissapointment, what THREE games did you enjoy seeing the most?

Fire Emblem Fates
Star Fox: Zero
Illusory Revelations #FE (I really need to kick the habit of calling it SMTxFE, it isn't that anymore)

I would include games like Super Mario Maker and Xenoblade X, but honestly by the time of the conference I didn't want to see them really. Even though they're two of my most anticipated games. Honorable mentions go to Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and TLOZ: Tri Force Heroes, because I actually do want those titles. Also enjoyed seeing Yo-Kai there, for what it's worth.

If this list was including games not shown at the Digital Event, then Fatal Frame would definitely be on it.

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Ok this is a tough one... Because that presentation that Nintendo had was very disappointing. I was on the verge of buying my own WiiU because of how much i love Splatoon and Smash. But, i will say Hyrule Warriors (3DS), Yoshi's woolie world, and MARIO TENNIS

1. Yoshi's Woolly World (love the visuals and they are cute :D)
2. Super Mario Maker (this looks really great - loved how they showcased it at NWC)
3. Mario & Luigi Paper Jam (I'm a sucker for RPGs and for both Paper Mario and Mario&Luigi)


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1. Starfox
2. Mario Tennis (i'm really happy about that one actually)
3. i guess the Paper Mario x Mario & Luigi thing, although i'm really disappointed that it wasn't Paper Mario U

I wanted to put 3, but I can only think of Yoshi and Mario Maker. The souless spin offs and Star Fox were disappointments.

EDIT: Remembered about Mario Tennis... best new game they showed. Just didn't liked the super power-up thing, I guess I will skip it due to this... unfortunately.

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the 3 games I am getting day one are Star Fox, Fast Racing Neo and the new Fire Emblem.

I may get Yoshi, Xenoblade and Devil't third depending on reviews.

1) Mario Maker
2) Tri Force Heroes
3) Mario & Luigi Paper Jam


plus treehouse has FFV (PZ:MOBW)

Mario & Luigi Paper jam
Animal Crossing Festival


Star fox Zero (Opinions seemed mixed but I loved what I saw)
Super Mario Maker (Obviously)
Zelda: Triforce Heroes (Wasn't sold on it during the digital event but I came around later)