Spain hardware sales LTD : PS4 700k - Vita 600k - X1 78k

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El País has published another interview with James Armstrong which shows that in Spain have been sold to date 600,000 PlayStation Vita, a console that "gives us some interesting income." Also says that the forecast is to sell 500,000 units of PlayStation 4 this 2015 

Original news: Sony has already managed to sell 700,000 PS4 in Spain since the console went on sale in Europe on November 29, 2013, as announced by James Armstrong , responsible for Sony CE for Spain and Portugal in a interview with Efe during E3 2015. That's 425,000 units more than the 275,000 shipped a year ago. Although Microsoft has never announced the number of Xbox One sold in Spain, the Sony executive said that the Japanese company sold nine PS4 for every one that sells competition. If we ignore these data mean that in Spain have been sold to date nearly 78,000 Xbox One. In February 2014 the ratio was 5: 1 in favor of Sony, leaving us to then 180,000 PS4 and just over 35,000 Xbox One in Spain, according to data provided by Armstrong. As for software, the digital distribution of games PS4 already accounts for 22% of total sales, compared with 78% of physical sales. Armstrong is forecasting that digital distribution in Spain increased between 40 and 50% in the next fiscal year ending March 2016.

9:1 not too surprising in a country like Spain, but some impressive figures for PS